Why innovate



There are too many stories circulating around about how Chinese manufacturing ecosystem works. The failures, the mess ups, the overestimation, and underestimation.  Many of these just can't be interpreted well without the context. 


To get that context, it is crucial for you to put your boots on the ground and experience everything yourself. Our goal is to guide you through the experience, accelerate and compress the months of knowledge into 3 or 6-day long program.


There are typical steps at which startups, inventors and even established companies fail to successfully bring new products to the market. Most of these steps belong to the phase where ideas need to scale up. We design our programs around these points, where we know from experience that people foresee to address bottlenecks ahead of time. 


Shenzhen is one of the most inspiring cities in the world and offers amazing opportunities for those who want to do any kind of business with physical products and at any scale. It is one of the World’s most innovative cities for frontier tech like robotics, AI, drones, EVs and autonomous vehicles, VR/AR, bio-engineering and digital manufacturing.  

About Us

Who are we?


innovateSHENZHEN gathers a plethora of partners from innovation, product development, and manufacturing industry. Our goal is to become a specialized soft-landing platform for foreign organizations and individuals coming to Shenzhen with an intention of collaborating with local players.

To fulfill our mission, we are involving various partners at different levels, we design and execute specialized and customized training programs to provide unique and deep insights into Shenzhen's most prominent industry - R&D and manufacturing.

innovateSHENZHEN includes factory visits, training, workshops and meetings with possible partners and key players in the field of innovation in Shenzhen. innovateSHENZHEN enables innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and startups to rapidly speed up their adaptation to the local ecosystem and make the right decisions before they enter a new technology, project or risky manufacturing stage.